Feel like planning your own funeral is a morbid thing to do?
Think you are not going to die yet so you will worry about it later?
Or do you think that because you won’t be there it is of no concern to you, someone else can organise it?

Don’t burden others with the emotional and financial decision-making process of planning a funeral.

Leave Lightly 

Plan for it, express your wishes and save them the worry and concern.

People who had organized a funeral said that knowing the wishes of the deceased made it easier to arrange and pay for a funeral.

During this 4 hour workshop, we’ll talk through the Funeral Service as I break it down for you and help you to get started with the planning process.

4 Hour Workshop

Saturday 1st September 2018

 1 - 5 pm   

Priced on a sliding scale

$120 income earner
$70 low income earner

Payment by bank transfer

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